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Cro Media sent you $4.00 USD

Dear László Györe,

Just thought you'd like to know Cro Media sent you $4.00 USD.

Get the details
Once you've received the payment, you can:
Spend the money online at thousands of stores that accept PayPal.
Withdraw or transfer it to your bank account (takes 2-3 days).
Don't see the money in your account?
Don't worry - sometimes it just takes a few minutes for it to show up.

Shipping address
Cro Media
Mogilska 24

Yours sincerely,

Nos, ezt keresik rajtam, sajnos a kifizetett összeg eltűnt a számláról, így nem teljesült. 2015-ben nagyon sok e mail problémám volt, azért nem is reklamáltam mert nem rajtatok múlt a dolog.
De azért: Köszönöm!

Well, this is what I am looking for, unfortunately the amount paid has disappeared from the account so it was not fulfilled. I had a lot of email problems in 2015, I didn’t even complain because it wasn’t up to you.
But thank you!
Bye bye

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